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Sunday, December 12, 2010

From "Go John" Trail

So I've "fired" Jeanette from being a navigator and after the trail she picked this morning's walk, her position as "health coach" is in jeopardy. It was only a little over three miles but the terrain changes picked my butt!


  1. Stop your whining, Wayne. Get tough. In all honesty though, as much as I have been walking, the steep climb challenged me at times. It was a great hike though. Perfect weather and cleansing to the soul. I was proud of Wayne, he was never too far behind ( maybe that was because he feared that I would fall again), and we both finished the trail. What really kicked butt was we came home to the rv, jumped in the pool, and followed that with a good, long soak in the hot tub...after that the muscles became weak and the body said, "What the hell did you just do!". We both had to take a nap! Ahhhh..the retired life. Right now in my life, the vistas, the hikes, the perfect weather is what I need to recharge. In two days, we are going to try the Lookout Mountain trail...

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